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Do you sell NMNH / reduced NMN?

We were impressed with the research showing the hugely improved bioavailability of NMNH vs NMN (and NR).

We have been in contact with the researchers to explore offering an NMNH product, and have suppliers that are able to produce it for us.

But at this point, we are holding off as we have not yet seen evidence that it is helpful for health.

NMNH converts to NADH in the body, which is not the same as NAD+, and in fact is likely not desirable.

All research shows that it is actually the RATIO of NAD+ to NADH that is beneficial.

More NADH could very well be counterproductive.

Until we see evidence that NMNH or NADH is beneficial, we will not be offering such a product.

In the meantime, we believe our Liposomal NMN and NAD+ products solve the bioavailability problem and increase NAD+ in cells throughout the body, which is the goal.

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