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Does NMN or NAD+ speed up cancer growth?

The idea that NMN might speed cancer is hypothetical, and has not been demonstrated in live animals.

No studies in animals show any increase in cancer incidence or severity.

NAD+ could be found to aid cancer growth, but there is no study that shows it does, and there are no studies to show that NAD+ contributes to cancer growth, with several that point to the opposite. One recent study found that supplying leukemia cells with NAD+ reversed the damage to DNA methylation and may have implications for using NAD+ in treating cancer.

Quote from the study: “In conclusion, this study bridges a nutritional intervention to a molecular observation: an increase of NAD levels in a cancer cell line results in local correction of DNA methylation. These data, therefore, provide a nutritionalā€guided approach for the prevention and clinical management of cancers or other conditions associated with alteration of DNA methylation potentially linked to decreased NAD levels.”

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