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How do NMN and NR degrade?

Both NMN and NR are degraded somewhat in the stomach and intestines.

Further, according to Liu/Rabinowitz, both are metabolized to NAM before leaving the liver, which is the sole metabolite.

Many researchers do question the accuracy of findings in Liu/Rabinowitz and think their techniques might have been faulty somehow.

It does seem questionable, as both NR and NMN show different results than NAM supplementation.

Dr Sinclair theorized in the past that perhaps taking large doses might enable more NR/NMN to “”sneak past”” the liver. IF that is so, you might have better results from larger dosages. Or you might end up with massive quantities of NAM. I tend to think it is the latter, as no research shows better results with very large dosages. And I’ve never seen any anecdotal reports of people taking huge dosages reporting great benefits. All I’ve ever seen report no noticeable difference and scale back down to more normal dosages.

The research we cite on our website doesn’t indicate NMN is more resistant than NR to degradation in stomach, intestines and liver.

We do cite a lot of research that shows any NMN that is able to make it to the bloodstream is more stable than NR, which is never found at more than trace levels in blood, and therefore better able to reach tissues throughout the body.

Yes, research does show that NR is able to cross the cellular membrane more readily than NMN, which must be converted to NR in some (maybe most?) cells. But we also cite research that shows the conversion is readily accomplished and does not impede the process, as NMN actually increases intracellular NAD MORE than NR when placed outside cells.

Also, the ease of entry is not relevant when NR is so unstable it is seldom able to reach cells throughout the body.

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