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How do your products differ from standard pill capsules?

When taken as a standard capsule, NR and NMN are both degraded significantly in stomach and intestines, and almost entirely before escaping the liver.

That is why we stopped selling standard capsules in 2017.

Sublingual delivery protects some (up to 30%). Liposomes protect ingredients entirely.

So the products we sell do not result in the massive buildup of NAM that can be a problem when taking larger quantities.

Again, I don’t believe 300 – 1,000 mg of NR or NMN results in excessive NAM such that it is actually harmful. It is just inefficient to take capsules that have such poor bioavailability.

Taking 1,000 or higher dosages of such capsules is more likely to result in excessive NAM. Since studies don’t seem to show any extra benefit for dosages higher than 1,000 mg, it seems there is more risk vs reward in higher dosages, in addition to the extra cost.

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