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How is it even possible to make powdered liposomes?

Manufacturers create liposomes, then freeze dry to remove the liquid. In the stomach, they re-inflate back to what they were before freeze dry and perform the same as liquid liposomes.

All liposomes will protect the ingredients through the stomach, which is half the benefit. But after that, the key is size. If over 100nM, the liposome is filtered out by the liver, so will not remain in the bloodstream long, regardless of if they are stored as liquid or powdered liposomes at purchase.

Yes, you can find manufacturers who produce cheap, worthless liposomes, just as you can find those selling NMN with no actual NMN in the bottle.

Our manufacturer is able to create liposomes between 9 and 25 nM in size, so they are not filtered out by the liver and remain in the bloodstream until they merge with a cell, or open and release ingredients after 24 hours. They manufacture for Bulletproof and other top brands.

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