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What are the differences between Liposomal and Sublingual?

When taken sublingually, approximately 30% of a 125 mg dose gets absorbed under the tongue, with the remainder being swallowed. At higher dosages, the % goes down, as the capillaries are full and have limited transport.

A much greater % makes it to the bloodstream with liposomal delivery. We don’t have testing with NMN, but the liposomes we use achieve over 90% throughput with other molecules. The payload delivered is not the determining factor – there is little variation. Lipsomes also protect the payload from degradation once in the bloodstream, which is a big problem for NR. Lastly,

Liposomes release the payload over a much longer period – up to 24 hours. This is better when taking larger dosages.
The rapid delivery to the bloodstream with Sublingual can be an advantage when taking before exercise. The energy surge most users feel is also nice confirmation that it is doing something.

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