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Why should I trust Renue by Science?

Renue by Science (formerly Alive by Science) was the first company to post test results proving purity of our NMN products back in 2017. Others followed us and some like Do Not Age post test results from a raw material sample which proves the are able to buy a good quality product, but does not provide assurance what is in the bottle/jar/capsule.

We post test results of the finished product, with batch numbers that are printed on the bottle/jar/bag, to assure the product you buy was actually tested, not just some random sample.

As the biggest seller of NMN, NR, and NAD+ products worldwide, we get the best pricing from the raw materials manufacturers, so always have the best retail pricing of any brand that sells real products (not fakes).

Amazon has been a cesspool of scammers selling fake products, and getting dozens of fake reviews. The scammers also buy negative reviews against their competitors, so its very hard to distinguish between the real products that are sold there. Amazon is now starting to clean that up, but its still a challenge.

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