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Will the product degrade at room temperature?

We test every batch of raw material when received, and every batch of finished product. We list test reports with batch numbers on our product pages. We hold products in a climate controlled room and send a bottle for testing at 2, 4, and 6 months, and find less than 3% degradation on powder, a bit less for tablets.

It does not do well at temperatures over 110 for several days, but is just fine at room temp and does not require refrigeration unless you have more than 6 months of inventory.

We don’t recommend anyone ever buy more than a few months’ inventory, and we don’t sell in larger than 100 gram bags, as the price is constantly dropping, so you are actually wasting money by making a large purchase. As for the raw material, there is some difference in stability depending on physical structure, PH, moisture content, etc. The more established manufacturers have learned this and provide a much more stable product now vs a few years ago.

Buyers can be assured that at 6 months it is close to 97%, with some degradation to NAM. We have not yet had a batch last more than 2 months before selling out, so there is no degradation when they get it from us.

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