NAD+Fertility Supplement Regimen

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Fertility Supplement Regimen

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My husband and I have been going through IVF without luck. The doctors attribute our lack of success to poor egg quality.

I am going to start a supplement regimen for a few months prior to my next cycle. My plan is to start taking 1 dose of NAD Complete, plus an additional 250mg of NMN per day to bring my daily NMN dose to 500mg, and to take the supplements on a 5 day on/2 day off cadence.

I welcome feedback on my approach and suggestions for any additional supplements I should be adding? Curious to hear any IVF success stories that came on the heels of starting NAD, NMN, or other supplements.


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Re: Fertility Supplement Regimen

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My wife at AGE 50 had menopause reverse with menstration returning to more normal.  Another friend at 44 was feeling tiered husband prompted if she had been taking her NMNs, actually it had been a while. She was only a week from officially being into menopause and menstration came back! Not happy she wanted them over :lol:
A friend on NMN age 40 who started NMN before her last fertility treatment had her egg quality improve last year, still no success but encouraging, due to personal situation trying again later in the year one more time.

In my view clear evidence of improvements to reproductive processes with NAD+ boosting. Validated by some recent (2 years ago) looking under the microscope in Australia on the impact of aging and egg quality with decline of NAD+, check this out:

Suggest to just start with 1 x NAD complete week one to get used to it, then add the NMN week 2. Sit on that for 3 odd weeks, and then if you want try adding another NAD Complete to test (can still sleep, feel good, etc). I personally am on 2 x NAD Complete, 1 X LIPO NMN, 750MG NMN powder + an Intranasal NAD Complete dose!

Also check out Dr Rhonda Patrick's tips on pregnancy at

Good luck.
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Re: Fertility Supplement Regimen

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Well the best reversal tools i am aware of are: NMN and NAD+ (and NR, for that matter) as they boost NAD levels to youthful levels and lead to many anti-aging benefits. Then there is CaAKG, which can turn the clock back by removing inflammatory proteins that essentially cause aging.

Something like resveratrol or pterostilbene, which act on SIRT 1 and can undo damaage.

And best of all, fasting, cardio and good sleep.
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Re: Fertility Supplement Regimen

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Also, i would strongly suggest LIPO versions of NMN and NAD+.
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