Exerciseworkouts you can do by using your bedsheets

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workouts you can do by using your bedsheets

Post by zara08 » Sun Jul 24, 2022 3:37 am

This is the best workout I used while doing laundry as in this work out you don't need any equipment and it is most beneficial for ladies who spend most of time at home and they can do while doing laundry.

1)Shake your bed sheets 

Shake the bed sheet as hard & fast as possible. just pretend the bed sheet is filled with dust and you're trying to shake it all off in 60 seconds.

2)Seated Bed Sheet Workout

20 Second Sheets Waves • 20 Second rest • 20 Second Bed Sheet Hip Toss

3 )Pyramid work out

Shake them with right and left as fast you can and this game is perfect for wings.

These work our surely can lose weight and easy to go one and it can also be done by mattress protectors or towels if your sheets are not heavy enough.
Use heavier Sheets and it may get rip of while you work out so check which  bedsheets are good for you at Online Bed Sheets Australia