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Wearables and Tech

Post by MJClark »

In Sergey Young's book "the Science and Technology of Growing Young", he discusses technology that is present today to help us monitor our health and longevity. I was curious if you use anything like an Apple Watch, Fit Bit, Oria Ring, Dexcom G6, or other device. If so, what do you like about these devices? 

Additionally, I am looking for a new smart scale and I see that some of these now include a "Body Age" that looks at the other metrics as part of a calculation. Has anyone tried one of these and if so, what are your impressions? Is there a company for these smart scales that you find more accurate than others? 

If you haven't tested, how do you know you are getting the results that you wanted?
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Re: Wearables and Tech

Post by RobSmith »

I've used a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) in the past to see how various foods affect the glucose level i.e. what if anything causes spikes that you don't want. I'd recommend one does this at least once just for that purpose and then you know what particular foods to avoid. 
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Re: Wearables and Tech

Post by Boxcost »

The abstract...
" A real-time, noninvasive, and clinically applicable aging test in humans has yet to be established. Herein we propose a sweat- and wearable-based test to determine biological age. This test would empower users to monitor their aging process and take an active role in managing their lifestyle and health. "

https://www.cell.com/trends/biotechnolo ... 23)00049-5

This could be a game changer for monitoring of our health in the near (hopefully not too long!) future... "continuous molecular health monitoring" and it "hosts several biomarkers".

Loving what cool toys are ahead  :D
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