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Re: Berberine and Metformin

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jessicaP wrote: Mon Oct 03, 2022 9:11 pm
Boxcost wrote: Sun Sep 18, 2022 10:43 pm
jamierh wrote: Wed Sep 14, 2022 2:46 pm

Are you still taking Metformin? What effects were you feeling on your gut?


Nope, was never really taking it regularly. Only when a "bad meal" was unavoidable, so tasty stuff but not good for you so to speak ;)  I would take one to even out the glucose spikes. It did though impact my own gut bacteria so slight discomfort and then to put it bluntly then diarrhea!

Then trying the same thing with Berberine, did not have the same impact on gut but still did its job to lowering glucose spike, so Berberine all the way for me now.

Some interesting things noted when tracking myself for 4 weeks with a Glucose monitor:

Things that drop Glucose:
Taking 2 x RBS LIPO Activator capsules (So Fisetin, Quercetin and Spermidine)
Broccoli Sprout powder
Obviously Berberine and Metformin as well

Noting that I did take a Berberine thinking that I am about to eat a bunch of potato chips and a few beers would give me a spike, 2 hours later before just before dinner I ended up with a low Glucose (2.8 mmol/l) and felt very ordinary. So the lesson is learnt, that is I will only take just before or with 'bad meals".

Things that increase glucose:
Interestingly a black coffee while fasting and then kicking off some exercise lifts it a little, then it gradually reduces and levels out.
Of course the usual's being Pasta, Brown (not as bad) and White Rice, Cous Cous and with the biggest spike came from a can of Blackberry Cider (very tasty and sweet!).

I think this is a good approach with Berberine, to take 'as needed, rather than every day. Unless you have Type 2?

I think there may be a benefit to take a bit each week. I don't think i am comfortable taking it everyday, unless in the smaller dose the the NAD booster.

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Re: Berberine and Metformin

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Does anyone know the Lipo  Berberine equivalent to 500 mg of Metformin? I have type 2 diabetes and I take 2/500mg of metformin 2 times a day. I want to cut that down but I don't know how much 125 mg of Lipo equates to 500 nonlipo of Metformin. Today I took the Lipo Berberine once in the morning and excluded my 1K of Metformin for my morning dose but I think I need to add SOME Metformin later on in the day to keep my A1C balanced. Right now my A1C is 5.7. I'd like to keep a combo of both Berberine and Metformin. 
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Re: Berberine and Metformin

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I take both 500mg of Metformin and 500 of Berberine twice per day. The key thing to do everyday, is check your glucose in the morning and see what your fasting glucose read is. This will tell you if it is working for you or not.
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Re: Berberine and Metformin

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Yeah....I understand that NON LIPO Berberine of 500mg is equivalent to 500 mg of Metformin. I"ve taken those 2 in that dose before....but My question was how much or how little of the "LIPO Berberine" which is 125 mg would I take to equal 500 mg of Metformin? 
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