NutritionUric Acid from too much Fructose will kill you

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Uric Acid from too much Fructose will kill you

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When you cross 75, Life starts throwing Curve Balls at You, with a sense of humor, for no reason. Every day is a New day in your body. "Surprise!"

Recently my blood pressure starting elevating above my base hypertensive levels of 135-145/85 at rest, with occasional swings high and low, below that. Nothing else had changed in my NMN, Pickleball play, Plant based nutritional life style. I had lost about 15 more pounds of belly fat, I  had carried for 40 years, rather quickly , but figured that's a Good Thing , so I wasn't going to go looking for it again. Then my inner leg muscle mass, and life long firm buttocks disappeared. So I started looking back at past VA Bi Annual Physicals that had for 15 years, been pretty much down the middle in a 30 point blood lab work reporting, including urine samples. In the most recent I had missed seeing my Uric Acid levels move from 6 to 9.54 mg/dL, with a normal range of 4.4-7.6. To get a true understanding of this, you'll need to review Dr. Purlmutters link below of explanation of what damage these extreme ranges of Uric Acid can do , and the prognosis... death, after dementia, diabetes , heart and stroke attacks.
Our society has packaged fructose and added sugar as two of the most stated ingredients in 70 % of all packaged, pre prepared, and canned foods.
Our bodies can continually fight this inflammation, higher blood pressure from arterial restriction, brain plaque and stress for only so long. I fell off the cliff. MY morning start of a big bowl of fruit is no more. And it only takes a day or so, to correct these Uric Acid levels! 

If you truly want to get the benefits of this new leading edge science of a NMN based Lifestyle, you'll have to do your own research on what needs
to be corrected in your nutritional intake first. Then add spurt exercise, NMN and "Awayyyy we Go" .
Ben Y. 81+, Pickleball101, LIPO NMN gel, daily, with 250 mg NMNsl powder just before Pickleball play                    a leading Neurologist offering Truth for Health

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Re: Uric Acid from too much Fructose will kill you

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That's fascinating, Ben! Thanks for sharing your experience.
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