NAD+ levels in the skin drop as we age. Our Renue skin care products utilize Liposomes to deliver NAD+ to all layers of the skin to help fight the effects of aging on the skin.

Clinical research (in humans) at a top university is ongoing now to verify the beneficial effects of these products.  In the meantime, we have been hearing of a surprisingly wide variety of benefits to the skin, including lessening of wrinkles and age spots, and improvement in appearance in many skin disorders.

The following are uncompensated testimonials from some of our happy customers.

Sun Damage Greatly Diminished

"I applied the serum and day cream to my face after washing it every morning, and before applying my regular SPF moisturizer, and noticed a difference on my skin about 2 months after I started using it. My skin looks brighter, and some sun spots have definitely gotten lighter. I also noticed that the texture of my skin feels like it has more elasticity to it. I love that the products are very light, and absorb quickly. I can't wait to see the results after using it for longer." - Alexia, Age 38.

Renue Skincare Review
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Renue Serum Testimonial
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Smoother Skin and Less Redness

"I've definitely noticed less redness and smoother skin around my eyes and forehead. I LOVE these products. They are the only ones I'd ever use going forward because I see actual results. Most creams and serums are overly expensive and truly don't do anything. I have spent so much money on luxury facial treatments in the past and now I will not be going back. I love the Renue skin care line." - Caitlin H.

"I have been using Renue for several months on my face, forehead and scalp. Both the serum and the lotion get completely absorbed within minutes. I don't know much about NAD+ but I can tell you it's like pouring the fountain of youth into my tissues. My face is smoother or more even. Skin irritation clears up within minutes.

Renue Hair Growth
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Even better, I had skin damage from past sunburns on my forehead. Over 8 weeks using Renue, the rough skin reduced in size and then simply went away! Even better, being 53, I have had a bald spot on my crown for 15 years. Still, I decided to try Renue for that too. I took a before picture about 2.5 months ago. Then I took the same photo just last week. There is no question that the hairs are thicker and that some new hairs have returned. Renue restores youthful skin, repairs damage and seems to literally turn back time. These products are in a league of their own." - Chris B.

NAD+ Skincare
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Inflammatory Dermatitis Improved in 2 Weeks

"I see a big improvement on the skin on my forehead. My other dry patches of my inflammatory dermatitis on my cheeks and redness stayed the same where I didn't use Renue. I am hoping for more improvement continuing with this product. I am so happy. I am finally going to start using it on my whole face." - Liz G.

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"Super impressive result. The improvement to my facial skin (& the back of my hands) is absolutely associated with the Renue applications. I had noticed it but when other people started commenting I felt that I had something more concrete to contribute. So in summary this is a remarkable result by any standards. Of course I also take ABS Liposomal NMN & Fisetin amongst a range of other supplements." - Lloyd D.

Renue Skincare Results Vericose Veins
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"I have found great results with the Renue Serum! Most specifically and surprisingly in my spider-veins on my left thigh, something I didn’t expect to happen when I decided to try the serum in the first place (wanted to target my fine lines and discoloration in my facial skin - which btw *did* produce results I am happy with) but nothing as much as the clear reduction of my hereditary varicose veins! This first picture was taken Feb 2nd 2021 when I decided to begin applying it there out of simple curiosity, the second image there is a very significant visual reduction in both vein size length and fading pigment back into my skin. " - Michaela B.

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“Renue Transdermal Lotion with Liposomal NAD+ has helped my skin tremendously within the last month that I’ve started using it. I use it at night and my face feels soft and renewed every morning. I’ve struggled with acne and scars and have invested in many products without knowing what the ingredients inside do. I saw potential in Renue’s transdermal lotion because of its ingredients that were scientifically proven to work. Because I believed in the research and science behind the ingredients, I took a dive at this product. I am glad that I found it!” - Jason H.

NAD+ Skincare Results
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"I am actually astonished looking at these photos.

The creasing under my eyes and the crease of my smile line are significantly reduced as the pigmentation of many of the small “age” spots on my cheek. Pore size has also shrunk." (after 30 days of use) -Anne D.

Renue Skincare Review by Alive By Science
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"I was using Renue Topical Lotion on my face and neck for about 2 months and noticed that my eyebrows had regrown and were actually darker. I started using Renue Topical Lotion on my hair as well as my face and neck. Note: sun damage is gone. The scalp looks refreshed and I believe there was some hair growth although it is hard to tell in these photos. I see a more pronounced hairline when I look at myself in the mirror. It is my hope that perhaps the hair will darken so it becomes more visible. Over the month I believe that the scalp condition has improved considerably, the sunspots have disappeared and I believe there has been some improvement in hair quality and growth." - Bill N.

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This is an amazing product!!!

"Check this out!!!  I've been using the day cream only on my left hand (the hand on the right in this pic) for only one week! 

The day cream has definitely faded some age spots!!!!  It also seems like it's taken some of the wrinkles away.  This is an amazing product!!!” - Reba W.


"I wish I had photographed my hands- the dark spots gone; I alway rubbed remaining serum and cream after applying to face as an "after thought"... Then I realized the dark spots are essentially gone! The face texture is more radiant and skin tone improving - I use religiously morning and nighttime. that plus the NMN powder, AMPK activators and resveratrol. I keep at it. Thanks so much. Photo coming soon. " - Mary R., Age 73

"I LOVE the serum and the lotion! I can’t say enough about this holy grail product! For years I’ve struggled with mild eczema and have tried so many products that promise but fail to deliver. Some products actually irritated my skin further but not Renue skin care. It absorbs quickly and the best thing is that my skin feels the benefits for days after a few times of application! Honestly, it doesn’t even feel like my skin it’s so soft and dry patch free! Also I noticed that several old acne scars are fading within 1 month of trial and no more new dark spots pop out ever after, which is totally amazing!" - Chi Z., Age 30

Recent Renue™ Testimonial - Eczema Improvements

1/25/2021 (before photo)

I have suffered from severe eczema on my hands and feet for over 50 years. For years, my hands would itch so bad from deep under the skin that I would have to run extremely hot water over them to calm the itching. Consequently, afterwards, the cycle would repeat; apply cortisone and wear nitrile gloves to heal the inflamed hands which then led to dryness, cracking and bleeding. I have been using steroids by a Dermatologist to "manage" my eczema in addition to changing diet, etc.

I knew that using high percentage steroids for prolonged periods of time is not healthy which led me to research more natural remedies – some worked briefly – some were a waste of time and money. Eventually, my search let me to NAD+ by Alive by Science and I have to say that I am a very satisfied customer! The picture shows Red, swollen hands with bleeding, dry, cracked fingers and knuckles.

2/9/2021 (2 weeks later, after photo)

After applying NAD+ Renue serum and lotion every day for 2 weeks there was remarkable improvement in the condition of my hands. The pictures really do not tell the actual incredible story. From a comfort perspective, the redness is gone along with the swelling itching, dryness, scaling, cracking and inflammation. Aside from the natural age-related condition, my natural pigment has returned with zero evidence of Eczema – I mean no itching, scaling, bleeding, or dryness! Thank you, NAD+ serum and lotion!