Being fit and active are crucial for a healthy life as we age. Our supplements can help decrease inflammation and increase energy so you can live a healthier life longer.

We consult with a wide range of research and clinical doctors to understand the latest research and combine that with feedback from tens of thousands of customers on our forums, facebook, youtube and Renue reddit group. This helps us learn so we can offer the best quality, most effective longevity restoration products at the absolute lowest price.

Our contributions and constant objectives are:

  • Moving the science forward
  • Driving the price down
  • Setting standards for quality assurance
  • Customer Service without equal

We constantly strive to improve the effectiveness of our products. So we experiment a lot. We have made great strides improving the bioavailability of NMN and NAD+ products, and enjoy a great reputation among our fast growing customer base as a result.

Sublingual NMN Powder – In 2017 we realized sublingual delivery of NMN is a much more efficient delivery method, so we stopped selling capsules and engineered an NMN powder specifically designed for stability and absorption when taken sublingually. It was an immediate success, as most users can feel a rush of energy, far different than taking a capsule.

Sublingual NMN and NAD+ Tablets – After the success of our NMN Powder, we partnered with the leading pharmaceutical sublingual products formulator to create the first NMN tablets that work similar to the powder in a more convenient form.

NAD+ nasal spray – Delivery to the mucosal membranes to rapidly cross the blood brain barrier for a much different effect than sublingual delivery.

Liposomal NMN, NAD+ and NR – A liposome is a tiny bubble, made out of the same material as a cell membrane, and are used to protect a supplement through the digestive system and deliver intact to the bloodstream. Liposomal Sublingual Gel™ (LSG) is designed for sublingual (under the tongue) use for superior bioavailability. Our proprietary liposomal manufacturing process uses no heat, no pressure and only high-performance, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

Renue Skin Care Products with Liposomal NAD+, NMN, and NR – Renue™ delivers the transformative power of NAD+ along with apocynin and resveratrol across the layers of the skin using breakthrough nanoliposome technology. (1)

Restoring NAD+ in the skin has shown to be effective at treating a wide range of skin disorders, returning it to a more youthful state.

We pioneered ALL these advances in NAD+ products in 3 years, with many more coming in 2022, so stay tuned!


In 2015 when we began producing our own brand of NMN capsules, there were few manufacturers of raw material and the price was exorbitant.

We believed in the future of NMN, so made the leap and began selling at a break-even prices that were about 1/2 what others were charging, to help spur the markets.

Others were forced to follow our lead and lowered their price almost as low as ours.

We have continued with this model for 5 years now – constantly increasing the size of our orders, and seeing the manufacturing costs drop as more manufacturers see the growing market and learn how to produce the quality product we require.

We’re thrilled to be able to set our retail prices around 1/3 of what they were when we started, and continuously dropping. As always, other companies are forced to lower their prices to match ours, but can’t quite do so as we our the largest buyer and get the best pricing from manufacturers.


When we started selling NMN on Amazon in 2016, no-one was testing the purity of their product and displaying the proof.  Since it is an expensive product and there is no regulatory agency to ensure quality, we decided to do so ourselves, and were the first to always post 3rd party test results.

Not only do we test the raw material, but we post test reports for each batch of finished product, as it is simple for a company to just send a sample off for testing, post that report, but not use any NMN in the bottle.

A few have followed our lead now, but many others sell absolute garbage.  It is quite easy for a brand new company to pop up and slap a label on some worthless powder, buy some fake reviews on Amazon, and sell bottles to unwitting customers.  We had several tested and exposed some of the scammers, but with all the money they can make ripping people off, we couldn’t battle all the new brands popping up every week, so left Amazon entirely in 2019.

Dr. Brad Stanfield has taken up the battle a bit and recently tested 21 different brands. Most had less than the advertised quantity of NMN per capsule, with several having NONE. You can see his review here.  Unfortunately, that too will have very little effect.


We never adopted the poor customer support standards of other online sellers and don’t outsource phone support to a 3rd party that has no idea what NMN is.

Call us and you will be surprised with the friendly, knowledgeable support.

Our Forum is a great resource for us and our customers to share information and feedback about what works and what doesn’t.

We also sponsor trials where we give away free product to hundreds of customers and learn more about how they like our products.

We learn from our customers

One big difference between us and other supplement makers is, we actually talk to our customers!

That feedback has proven especially useful in the formulation of NAD+ products, and has helped us determine what works, without waiting years for the clinical research.

Whether you want to help support the company driving down prices and moving the science forward with the most effective products, or if you just want the best prices for the best quality NAD+ products, Renue By Science is the place.