“Tissues with high cellular turnover, such as skin, require higher doses of NAD+ to counteract genomic insults.”

As you age, your skin is exposed to an array of environmental insults, which cause cellular dysfunction and over time it becomes difficult for the repair mechanisms to work efficiently. Your skin requires higher levels of NAD+ to combat damage and keep your skin in a youthful and healthy state. Aging is directly associated with lower NAD+ levels in the skin.

“With aging, both the epidermis and dermis undergo thinning and lose their regenerative capacity, which manifests as wrinkling, dryness, and mottling.”

UV radiation through sun exposure is associated with skin photo-aging, inflammation and oxidative damage. Photo-aged skin often has textural issues, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and a leathery appearance. When the repair mechanisms can’t keep up, and NAD+ levels are low, it increases your susceptibility to further damage.

“NAD+ deficiency increases skin sensitivity to UV radiation, impairs DNA damage response, increases genomic instability.”

Delivery of NAD+ through transdermal liposomal serums and lotions, is an optimal way to safely raise levels of NAD+ in the skin. In dermal fibroblasts (cells within the dermis), nicotinamide protects against oxidative stress, glycolysis, oxidative phosphorylation and increases mitochondrial efficiency.

“Bioactive compounds targeting the mitochondria have proved effective against age-related as well as UV-induced skin damage, in addition to different skin diseases with mitochondrial involvement.”

The Renue Skincare line offers potent ingredients, a scientifically advanced formulation and a superior mode of delivery. Liposomes safely carry the active ingredients, which include our NAD+ Complex (NAD+ and NMN) and Apocynin, past the outer skin barrier and deep into your cells. The potent delivery system offers a deeper penetration of key ingredients into the skin’s surface to combat the most visible signs of aging and promote vibrant, youthful looking skin.


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