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How Long Does Our NMN Retain Its Potency?

In a recent podcast, Dr. David Sinclair stated that NMN found at room temperature, “…not in a stabilized form… will degrade into nicotinamide.”

While this applies to the form of NMN used by Dr. Sinclair’s lab and that used by most other NMN manufacturers, at ALIVE BY SCIENCE, our NMN is manufactured with a patented formulation of crystalline Nicotinamide Mononucleotide that is optimized for pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties including stability.

Our pure NMN is bioengineered to have thermostability and pH stability. This stable form of NMN retains 98% potency for three months and over 97% potency for six months at temperatures ranging from 39.2 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Testing performed after two years of storage at room temperature found a purity of 93%.

NMN products not ingested for 3 months or longer may be refrigerated to ensure they maintain full potency.

For best results, NMN products should be kept in their original containers and away from any source of water, as NMN dissolved in water will degrade within a week.

As the worldwide leader, ALIVE BY SCIENCE always provides the absolute highest quality and most effective NAD+ and NMN products available.