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Liposomal Apigenin Sleep Study Results

Our Apigenin Sleep Study was a success!

On average, participants doubled their deep sleep duration after beginning to take LIPO Apigenin.

Apigenin is an antioxidant with reported effects on the quality and the quantity of deep sleep. Chamomile, for example, which has been used as a sleep aid for centuries, contains apigenin.

Renue by Science makes a potent formulation of apigenin encapsulated in liposomes for maximum bioavailability. We wanted to test our own product with our customers to see if they were able to measure changes in their deep sleep patterns.

The Study

Participants initially sent us their deep sleep durations before starting the supplement. They were then instructed to begin with 1 capsule of LIPO Apigenin and monitor if there was an improvement in deep sleep duration. If there was not, we recommended they bump up their evening dose to 2 and then 3 capsules.

LIPO Apigenin Doubled Deep Sleep

The results were better than we expected. After taking Renue by Science LIPO Apigenin for one month, the average length of deep sleep for the participants increased from 32 minutes to 74 minutes. That’s an improvement of 130% in deep sleep duration.

Along with the hard data we collected from our customers on their deep sleep, we received dozens of anecdotal evaluations about how their sleep had improved on LIPO Apigenin.


27% of customers achieved vast improvement taking a single capsule alone (35 mg apigenin), while the rest saw better numbers after taking 2 or 3 capsules (70 and 105 mg).

Participants who were initially recording zero deep sleep at night did particularly well with the addition of LIPO Apigenin and were able to record deep sleep numbers for the first time after supplementing.

Overall, while we hypothesized that our LIPO Apigenin would increase deep sleep, we did not expect to see such consistent and effective results.