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NMN Soft Chews for Your Dogs & Cats

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new product line for pets – offering Liposomal NMN soft chews for your dogs & cats!

Over the years we have heard numerous reports from owners that their pets are more active and seem to experience less joint pain when taking our regular NMN powder.

But, we’ve also received feedback expressing the difficulties in trying to get their pets to consume it (they often dislike the taste of the NMN powder) and owners aren’t really sure about what dose to provide their pets with. Another significant issue is that regular NMN has very poor bioavailability.

So, we made it our mission to address all of these concerns and create the most tasty bioavailable NMN soft chews for your dogs & cats.

The NMN soft chews contain the most bioavailable form of NMN, created through our patented Liposomal encapsulation process.

We’ve included additional evidence-based ingredients to protect and restore the cellular health of your pets and to maximize their health span. We want to empower pet owners to be able to provide the same care and attention to their pet’s health, as they do to their own.

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