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HumanX Liposomal NMN Supplements

Price Calculation

Price per gram = $4.44

60 capsules x 150mg per capsule = 9,000mg or 9 grams
Price per bottle = $39.99 / 9 grams = $4.44 per gram


Unlock the power of NAD+

NMN is the direct precursor to NAD+, a molecule linked to longevity. NAD+ has a critical role developing energy our body uses to function, through the processes known as cellular respiration. As we age, our NAD+ levels decline, however through supplementation, we can experience the benefits of NAD+.*

Supports the Longevity Pathway

NAD+ activates a family of proteins called Sirtuins; activation of Sirtuins is directly linked to longevity according to recent scientific research. Sirtuins are only active when NAD+ is present.*

  • Every Humanx supplement is manufactured in a CGMP certified facility, this means every supplement:
  • Meets FDA quality standards
  • Contains premium quality ingredients
  • Crafted with exceptional processing methods

Third Party Testing

Humanx undergoes rigorous third-party testing because we value complete transparency and you can feel confident you know exactly what you’re getting

Evidence Based Ingredients

Our ingredients are extensively studied with the world’s leading scientists publishing their peer reviewed findings in the National Center of Biotechnical Information